DT Serie

The DT series consists of three different models, varying in their output power.

Choosing one of these amplifiers, each channel of the DT series provides optionally 500 or even 1600 Watt. And there is still more: These specific amplifiers present with their high number of features an affordable alternative compared to heavywight amplifiers which are normally used in bars, monitor applications and live sound sets. With only 6 kg weight the DT series will easily replace your old system. Engineered in the Netherlands , the DT series combinied with a class D output stage brings all you need at one spot: light weight, high sound quality and plenty of power. All fit togehter in a rugged, 2U housing,

With its built in temperature dependent 2-fan cooling system the DT stays cool even while in permanent use. Needless to say all models come along with a Switch Mode Power Supply and a 3 years warranty.

  DT 5 DT 9 DT 16
Stereo 8 Ohm 500 w 900 w 1600 w
Stereo 4 Ohm 750 w 1350 w 2400 w
Bridge Mode 8 Ohm 1500 w 2700 w 4800 w
S/N Ratio >98 dB >98 dB >98 dB
Frequency Range 20Hz-20KHz - 3dB 20Hz-20KHz - 3dB 20Hz-20KHz - 3dB
Balanced Damping Factor >230 >230 >230


482 x 345 x 88 482 x 345 x 88 482 x 398 x 88
Weight 6,1 Kg 6,2 Kg 6,5 Kg
Warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years