The DTR series consists of two transformer units to transform the low-impedance output of your amplifier into a 100 V line driver. Not just by optically matching our other products perfectly: The DTR comes along with many other features. The loop-trough-output as well as the isolated 4 and 8 Ohms, 50, 70 and 100 V output makes this transformer unit suitable for all types of installations, even if you need to mix large "normal" speakers with low-power 100 V ceiling speakers. Serving the highest technical stadard the DTR comes in two versions, a 200 W model and a 1200 W model.Together with REF series the DTR200 is the perfect match for small installations in e.g. restaurants, small bars or a hotel lobby. In combination with the DSPNET4002H the DTR1200 will provide 1200 W of power and will provide a high quality public address system to e.g. sport arenas or large public buildings.